Jornal das Oficinas

Jornal dos Oficinas

The podcasts “Giving a voice to the Aftermarket” edited by Jornal das Oficinas aim to report, in the first person, the opinions of industry personalities on current aftermarket topics.
Organized into several categories (“Zoom”, “Straight to the Subject” and “Positive Attitude”), they present, in a clear and concise way, the opinions of experts on current and future topics in the automotive aftermarket in Portugal.
With this new initiative, we want our listeners to reflect and think about what is said by our guests, who are the protagonists of the sector and true experts in their areas of activity.



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“Zoom” is one of Jornal dos Oficinas podcast channel. Focusing on automotive aftermarket products and process, we interview some of the most representatives manufacturers managers in the Portuguese Automotive Aftermarket.

  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Portuguese language
  • Manufacturers