Ep 3 - Trends and information over Spain Automotive Aftermarket landscape

We all believed that official networks market share was going to erode due to the last three years sales figures in Spain, with a lack of young cars registration and a drop in the number of potential customers. However, If we look closely to the figures, the end of 2022 shows a market share of 20% compared to 21% the previous year. The resistance to the loss of quota on the part of the official networks is explained by the following effects:

  • The increase in the sale of hybrid and electric cars, technologically more advanced, means that the official network retains these drivers in a better way than drivers with traditional combustion cars.
  • The guarantees and extensions of guarantees to 3-4-5 years, “anchor” the client to the official network, not only having repercussions in maintenance, but also providing more business in tires, bodywork, etc…
  • Private renting, a relatively recent movement in Spain, is making these cars in the renting period rely more on the OE dealers than on the independent channel.

To the direct effects, previously shown, a fourth effect is added, and it is the improvement of OE market share in the car parc from 5 to 9 years, that little by little the OE channel improves its market share, the more time a driver spends in the OE dealers as a client the longer it takes to abandon it.


Author: GiPA