TecTalk- S02E04 - Dirk Fuchs, Director of Programs & Services at I-CAR

Today we are talking about the collision & repair industry in North America. Dirk is outlining the whole I-Car program to us. How they provide education to technicians with a strong focus on ADAS & EV Technology. How the collision repair process in the US compares to Europe and why independent garages play a way more important role.
How the I Car training and certification program works in detail, the missing regulation regarding workshops in the US, what role insurance companies play for the N-American repair industry and how EVS and advanced driving systems will shape the market in the future.
Dirk is super knowledgeable regarding the collision repair industry with also strong background from planning & conducting trainings for a parts manufacturer in his previous live. He’s really passionate about educating the market and has a strong focus on future topics and how the collision and repair market must adapt to stay on top of their business.

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Author: TecAlliance