TecTalk - S02E06 - Jonathan Amo, Director Global Aftermarket Product Content at Gates

If you’ve worked with Gates before in the Aftermarket chances are high that you’ve stumbled over the name of todays guest which is: Jonathan Amo – We know each other for quite some time and it feels at least for me that he is kind of the jack of all trades at Gates – all roads lead to Jon somehow. We talk about that of course but moreover about his favourite topic which is data. Jon’s a big advocat of data quality in the automotive aftermarket and his mission is to make Gates the #1 company for Data Quality.
We talk about the timeliness of data & how important it is. Working with different Data formats between Europe/Asia and North-America, about the data situation in Mexico as a dual-standard country and the situation further south as well.
If big e-commerce players are a chance or threat for parts manufacturers, the ongoing electrification and how it effects Gates as well as value added services they have to offer to their customers to stay competitive.


Author: TecAlliance